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On days when kibbutzim once again hit the headlines because of the horrific acts they suffered, it is pleasant to watch a movie that turns back to basics, portraying problems and tensions as well as beautiful moments of camaraderie and mutual aid." Yael Shub, Timeout.  

A fascinating film about a place unlike any other in the world,"

Assi Haim, Yedioth Ahronoth.

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Viewer comments


The film is very beautiful and interesting; I even recognized some of the people filmed... Kudos to you Amir, for not giving up!

Amir, your film is touches the soul, the deepest desire of every creator. I didn't feel I was watching a movie, but found myself in it despite not being there.


In the film I could recognize the many facets of human nature: hope, joy, sadness, doubt; the film portrays a society drawing on the best of humanity – an enviable performance. The people portrayed don't play a role in a script, they reveal themselves. When the film ended, I was pervaded by an unexplainable feeling of sadness; I felt underwent an experience.


Hello Amir, your film is wonderful. Outstanding, interesting and above all - well-made!! Like your other films, it is realistic, made with compassion, humor and tenderness... it is thought stimulating, it confronts people with themselves (me...) in a special, unique way... and so much more I could add…


Excellent filming and editing. Fascinating, interesting and thought-provoking.


It was lovely. Excellent thought-provoking escapism.


 Hundreds of hours of filming condensed into an hour and twenty minutes of rhythmic and enjoyable film that also embraces with great courage the complexity of this place called Samar.


Excellent film! You presented the characters in a deep and precise manner.


Excellent film that conveys in a beautiful, humorous way the peoples' stories; it holds tension through intertwining stories, and cinematography. Thank you.


Amir emerged safely from this orchard, with a human story: a group of young people with a daring dream and the dedication required to fulfill it... with 'wisdom and sensitivity, with light and shadow, 'Everyone Chips In' manages to paint a picture to be proud of, without feeling it's another cliché. The themes touch all: the individual versus the collective, freedom versus responsibility, compassion versus aggressiveness, enduring frustration versus spiritual uplifting. All this and more are intertwined in the film.


 I felt that the film shows a part of the magical whole of Samar, an interesting, good, important and blessed part. A delicate and sensitive spark about a way of life that I thank my partners and myself for, having been fortunate enough to take part and live like this for over forty years.

The film 'Everyone Chips In' was fascinating and thought-provoking.

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My Story

I was one of the founding members of Kibbutz Samar. I left the kibbutz and returned as the film’s director 30 years later to find that the so novel attitude to freedom, money, and private property, which we created as young idealists, was still working. At the time, no one gave a chance to an approach which was an alternative to the distrustful and competitive capitalistic worldview. And here I found 250 kibbutz members, children and volunteers, all full partners in the capital, each one with free access to the common bank account, and no one - not even a kibbutz decision - had the right or power to intervene in how much money one decided to take out of the bank account or for what reason, how many vacation days you took or where and how often you travelled abroad, or how much you invested in your house. This approach was suitable for us when we were young and our needs were meager, but now – with children and soon grandchildren? A real alternative life style? But it still works. This bizarre system still works – how does it operate, why is it still existent? Is this the true answer to the capitalistic world? Does this bizarre system empower the kibbutz members, or perhaps anesthetize them? Can this system be duplicated or is it suitable only for a small group of recluses in the desert? Did I miss my chance to live a more empowering life? I decided to make a film. The film will focus on what is captivating and what is exacting, on what is amazing, and on the everyday dilemmas that are unique to life in Samar.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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